Antigua: A Sailors Paradise

The beautiful island of Antigua lies in the West Indies and is a popular holiday destination for people wanting to experience a taste of paradise.  It entertains some of the most spectacular sailing festivals in the world.  Have you ever been?  Antigua is the perfect location for sailing because it offers all those who visit, steady warm winds, safe harbours and an extraordinary coastline to navigate.  Over the year Antigua holds two noteworthy boating events, so as a fan of the open sea, it’s an ideal place to visit.

Fun in Paradise

For a vacation destination Antigua is at the top of the list, it will satisfy your thirst for luxury, sun, sea and sand.  A part of the island that must be explored is Jolly Harbour. The marina has 155 spacious berths available all year round. Though, the best time to visit, to avoid the crowds is from May to November, which is the island’s off-season. The weather is divine as the temperature is a constant 80°F (28°C). However, hurricane season is mid-August to mid-October, so best to avoid during this time, but the last hurricane recorded in Antigua was in 1999. Would you take your chances or lay it safe?

Jolly Harbour is a town located in Saint Mary parish on Antigua Island, with a harbour referred to as ‘the sailing hub of the Caribbean’. The marina has an array of services, to satisfy the needs and requirements of all that dock. The boatyard and super yacht dock has 24-hour security, with laundry facilities. The marina also has a duty-free fuel dock and an array of facilities to keep your yacht in tip top shape. For example, have your yacht painted, fix equipment and upgrade your electronics. It’s a sailor’s paradise!

But you can’t spend the entire time onboard, so what are the local attractions and activities to indulge in? Well, a short walk from the marina is a white sandy beach, which screams relaxation. There is also an 18-holes golf course nearby, so don’t forget your clubs. If golfing isn’t your ideal pastime, then take a dip in the swimming pool, play a game of tennis or even squash. The marina also caters to the more adventurous by offering excursions. The food in Jolly Harbour is also something to rave about because it has many restaurants that offer a variety of delicious cuisines, from Greek to Italian to Caribbean. There isn’t anything Jolly Harbor doesn’t have.

Sailing Week

For a week in April, Antigua transforms into a sailor’s dream, as it hosts the Classic Yacht Regatta. Falmouth harbour is jam-packed with luxurious, modern and traditional sailing yachts. This week of celebration includes 4 days of racing, a parade of classic boats and an opportunity to learn about these exceptional water vehicles. You can also explore market stalls and exhibitions to browse and maybe buy new equipment and technology for your own sailboat.   

Even if you do not wish to compete in the race, it is a sight to see for any sailing enthusiast. The sheer beauty and volume of boats in one place will blow you mind and will create an unforgettable memory.

Fun and interesting activities are not only happening during the day. The island becomes an incredible host to all its visitors when the sun goes down. So, go to bed to soon.

Yacht Show

If you are not available in April, do not panic because in early December, you can attend the annual Antigua Charter Yacht Show. 2018 marks the 57th show and it is sure to be an extravagant and inspiring 6 days. It takes place in Nelson’s Dockyard Marina in English Harbour, the Falmouth Harbour Marina and the Antigua Yacht Club Marina both located in Falmouth Harbour. The show is made up of 5 days of viewing the enormous fleet of chartered yachts and a day of sailing.

Whenever you decide to go, you are guaranteed to fall in love with Antigua.